“Vlogging”- The Trendy New Dream Job



Move over bloggers- you’re about to get your jobs taken by the cooler, newer version of yourself.


Imagine travelling the world for free… flights, accommodation, activities and food, all paid for. In fact, even better than free. You get paid ON TOP of the freebies, and all you have to do, is look good on camera.

26 year old Kiwi and self proclaimed “Lifestylepreneur” , Nathan Buchan, has turned his passion of travelling into a profession by posting videos on Youtube that rake in over 35,000 views, that document his experiences. “World Nate”  has been vlogging his travels since he quit his job as a plumber back in New Zealand in 2013, and reportedly makes between $2000 and $3000 per Instagram post, not to mention the free adventures.

Not only does this “job” apply to travelling, if you like cars- you could become a vlogger on all things car related to get yourself behind the wheel of the hottest new automobile like Paul Wallace, if you like technology- vlog about the hippest new tech craze to get your mittens on the newest gadgets, like Casey Neistat. Your options are endless!

This dream is a reality for a “vlogger”- Blogging’s trendier little sister, and although it sounds easy, every second person with a camera around their neck has caught onto this little trend, so you’ll be competing with the big boys to rack up enough views on YouTube before you start reaping the benefits. But hey, we’re all suckers for the letters F-R-E-E, so lets have a look at one of the best mid-range cameras on the market to get you on the express train to Pina Colada city.

Unboxing of a brand new Canon G7x mark ii.

Canon G7x mark ii

The Canon Powershot G7x mark 2 is a commonly used camera by many successful YouTubers, due to its high quality footage and compact size that wont dry up your entire savings account. Costing somewhere between $750 and $950- depending on how hard you can swindle JB HI-FI, this camera sits somewhere between a compact point & shoot, and a full manual DSLR, making it a great option for beginners looking to learn the ropes without spending hours reading camera manuals.

Producing amazing 1080p60 footage and high quality stills, another massive drawcard to this bad boy is it’s flip screen with touchscreen and autofocus- a godsend for vloggers and selfie enthusiasts alike. No more worrying if only half your face is in the shot now, the flip screen allows the operator to see the screen from in front of the lens, and can adjust the focus from the front by simply touching the desired focal point on the screen.

Another winner with the G7x is its inbuilt stabiliser, or “optical image stabilisation” as referred to in the manual, for video. This is extremely important if you want to record whilst walking without making your viewers motion sick, and is much easier than lugging around a $500 steady cam.

To put it this way, the G7x mark ii is the kind of camera a professional photographer would take on a family holiday if they didn’t want to lug around $5000 worth of equipment, and photographers are generally equipment snobs… so thats saying something!



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